The CZ Shop

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Diamond rings without the cost of diamonds

At The CZ Shop we provide cz rings and other products that are identical in every way to fine diamond rings, except that it is set with the highest grade of cubic zirconia crystal.

Every cz ring and other item of jewellery sold by The CZ Shop is individually hand crafted in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, UK, to the exact standards that diamond jewellery is made to, giving you a piece of high quality handmade jewellery that is indistinguishable from diamond jewellery, but is a fraction of the cost.

We use the highest quality CZ's in existance to ensure diamond quality for our cz rings.

Please feel free to browse our catalogue. As standard all items are made with 9ct gold but all other options are available, including setting a diamond instead of the CZ. Contact us for a quotation on other options.